Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ad of the Day: Müller TBWA and an all-star cartoon cast serve up the craziest, scariest yogurt spot ever

By Emma Bazilian, October, 13, 2011, AdWeek.
What do you get when you combine robots, '80s pop-culture icons, and giant vats of yogurt in an epic battle? The latest commercial from Müller, Britain's "most popular chilled pot dessert brand." (Sounds appetizing, right?) As part of the "Wünderful Stuff" campaign, its biggest-ever marketing push (which includes £20 million in integrated advertising), the company enlisted TBWA\London to create a commercial that premiered during the first round of The X Factor's live finals. They managed to get the rights to a slew of nostalgic characters, and this, it appears, was the result..... Read more.