Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Should I "Like" You? How Smart Brands Build Followers Online

By Lida Citroën
Published: April, 2011, SMMmagazine
Sometimes it feels like we are all back in high school—we're vying for attention (eyeballs), trying to look our best by wearing the latest fashion trend (packaging), and attempting to make friends with the popular kids (fans). As companies grow their online presences to build brand loyalty, grab the attention of untapped markets, and sell products, many find themselves in the same frustrating place they started many years ago—trying to persuade prospects to like them.
Is it important to have 20,000 Twitter followers? What about the 10,000 people who proclaim to "like" you on Facebook? How many subscribers is enough for your blog? Are we in a big popularity contest, or is the potential of online support and fans more about creating business opportunities than it is about being cool?
When the online community started to gain momentum several years ago, many companies quickly jumped on board. Blogs, microsites, landing pages, and social media forums were developed quickly and.......... Read more