Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is an Email Marketing Offer Just Like a TV Commercial?

March 12, 2012, ClickZ.

When sending email marketing offers, context matters more than timing - a theme covered in thiscolumn. In it, I discussed the hastened pace that our time-starved, short-burst society moves at and the impact that it has on our attention. As consumers we like simple things; the increasingly popular info-graphic is an example of our love for the elegant yet easily digestible. To create more engaging email, we must begin thinking like TV commercial producers and data-driven artists and quickly get our point across and spur action. This column looks at the intersection of creative, content, and context to drive engagement.
An Email Marketing Offer Is Just Like a TV Commercial - Or Is It?
LiveIntent conducted a study that found that on average their publisher clients' emails were viewed for 28.3 seconds, putting view time on par with a 30-second TV commercial. The duration that subscribers were engaged with these non-video emails is impressive, indicating that creative elements of email were contextually relevant to hold the subscriber's attention for this duration of time. Moreover, this LiveIntentcase study from publisher Techlicious shows that not only was engagement time long, but when using contextually relevant ads, their acquisition oriented ads improved. Most importantly, the engagement of these subscribers was better than other acquisition sources and these subscribers..... Read more.