Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Season Price-Cutting and Hard Sell Can Damage a Brand

By: Published: November 16, 2011, AdAge.
t's a shooting war as of next week. Black Friday is the selling season kickoff. It's sell or die by Dec. 25 if you're a retailer, and time to help them cheat death if you're a brand. The toughest part is that you're likely going to see your brand lose value over the next month or so, perhaps more so the more successful you are at selling.
Consider that your actual cost of holiday sales consists of two expense lines: First, the tangible costs of promotional pricing, outbound marketing, extra staffing, etc. and, second, the intangible costs incurred by your brand from all of those tangible efforts, including the negative experience that many consumers associate with holiday shopping..... Read more.