Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Concerned About Privacy? Pray Facebook Sees Some Real Competition

By:  Published: November 22, 2011, AdAge.

An increase in the number companies who hold your personal information is the best guarantee for safeguarding that information.
Come again?
Yes, an increase in the number of companies who know what you do online is probably your best protection. It may seem counter intuitive, and perhaps a little naive, but let me tell you why it is the only answer in a world where there is already enough personal information in the cloud about all of us to make us squirm if we think about it. When we are forced to think about it, like when we are asked in a survey, 67% of people say they are not in favor of things like behavioral targeting for fear that the information is too personal and will be misused. In reality, that is just what we say in surveys.... Read more.