Wednesday, November 16, 2011

9 Killer Facebook Tools to Generate Brand Awareness

By @noranshinnawy,
With Facebook constantly releasing new apps, features and ad formats, it gets hard to keep track of not only what tools are available, but what actually works for you as well. As Internet Marketers (you know, because we don’t like to be called geeks), we’re always prowling to get our hands on the latest features to stay ahead of our competitors.  But we also know that trying to advertise everywhere all the time using all available tools is never a god idea. What is, in fact, a good idea is picking and choosing tools based on our business objectives. Remember those things we tend to set and forget?

Exploring the best combination of tools based on each different type of objective can take up all the pages in this magazine. Permutations, anyone? So let’s focus on the most common objective for marketing on Facebook; generating awareness..... Read more.