Friday, October 28, 2011

Smartphones Will Help Kids Trick Out Halloween

By:  Published: October 27, 2011, AdAge.

It's not far off. Kids on leafy streets with candy bags and mom or dad's old smartphone. Pinging friends for recommendations of the best houses to hit while updating their candy stash status on the fly.
According to comScore MobiLens, the average smartphone now turns every 12-18 months and many find their way into the clutches of kids. It's a shocking thought but there are more than 15 million kids 13 and up now using cell phones. Roughly 6 million – close to 40 percent – are smart, connecting kids socially, locally and in real time. My own son has my old iPhone 3GS and his brother is waiting for my iPhone4 coming his way any day now..... Read more.