Monday, October 31, 2011

Neuromarketing Still Raises Questions, but Shouldn't Be Ignored

By:  Published: October 31, 2011, AdAge.
"Our industry produces great campaigns 20% of the time at most. . . . We need to get that number up." So said Keith Reinhard, DDB chairman emeritus, at an ARF conference in 2004. Seven years on, how far have we come to meeting that challenge?
We believe that Keith's charge to the industry to improve the hit rate for great advertising is within our grasp, and the solution may come from neuromarketing.
The ability to evoke an emotional response from an ad is one of the most-prized arrows in the creative department's quiver. To measure this effect, brand managers have long sought better ways to understand emotion in their advertising-effectiveness research. Recent years have brought huge advances in the study of the brain demonstrating that emotion isn't really an arrow in the advertiser's quiver, a color in a palette or some kind of mysterious patina on an otherwise functional piece of furniture. It's the foundation for thought and action. It is clear that emotion plays more than a cameo role in driving consumer response and delivering marketing impact.... Read more.