Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apple iPhone’s Big Recycling Mess

By Tom Kaneshige, October, 21, 2011, CIO.

Like many people, I never worried much about fulfilling my two-year wireless contract in the days before the iPhone. My trusty flip phone had worked for four or five years in the early 2000s, until I lost it.
Today, though, I count the months.
Last week, AT&T charged me an extra $18 to renew my contract with the iPhone 4S because I still had time remaining on my existing contract. I paid the ransom and became a proud iPhone 4S owner. Not sure what I’ll do with my iPhone 3GS, maybe throw it into Apple’s e-waste recycle bin or give it to a friend.
But that’s the problem: I’m now one of millions of people who throw away a perfectly functional smartphone every 15 to 18 months – the average lifespan of a phone..... Read more.