Monday, September 12, 2011

The Value of Web 2.0 Content

The evolution in the way we communicate has made a significant impact on our society and has turned the main sources of information and news around the globe upside down. Blogs have added to the radical change that is helping Web 1.0 to morph into Web 2.0. Now people not only want to obtain information, they also want to be part of the creation of that information.
An important proof point of this change was when Time magazine chose "you" as its celebrity of the year in 2007. This is but one example of how social networks have started to penetrate our society and alter the way we interact. The volume of traffic on Web 1.0 has now been exceeded by traffic on Web 2.0, showing an inflection point in the era of Web communications.
The positioning of brands inside of social networks seems to be an inevitable priority in the business management........